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Standart PIC Basic Pro v2.60 Full Download

PicBasic Pro Compiler
(SKU# 40060)
$249.95 USD

Currently shipping v2.60
PicBasic Pro is a full featured BASIC compiler that supports the entire range of PIC Micros including the 18F family. It doesn�t matter how complex you application is with PICBasic Pro you can create tight professional code in no time.

PicBasic Pro gives you direct access to all of the PICmicro MCU registers - I/O ports A/D converters hardware serial ports etc. It automatically takes care of the page boundaries and RAM banks and It even includes built-in commands to control intelligent LCD modules. Floating-Point calculations are possible with downloaded routines. The PicBasic Pro Compiler instruction set is upward compatible with the BASIC Stamp II and Pro uses BS2 syntax. Programs can be compiled and programmed directly into a PICmicro MCU eliminating the need for a BASIC Stamp module. These programs execute much faster and may be longer than their Stamp equivalents. They may also be protected so no one can copy your code.

The PicBasic Pro Compiler can create programs for any of Microchip's PICmicro microcontrollers and works with most PIC micro MCU programmers including the melabs Serial Programmer. A printed manual and sample programs are included to get you started. The PicBasic Pro Compiler can also be used inside Microchip's MPLAB IDE. This allows you to use Microchip tools for source-level debugging.

PicBasic Pro comes complete with a special version of mecanique�s MicroCode Studio and is fully compatible with MicroCode Studio Plus.

Instruction Set

* @
* Insert one line of assembly language code. ADCIN
* Read on-chip analog to digital converter. ASM..ENDASM
* Insert assembly language code section. BRANCH
* Computed GOTO (equiv. to ON..GOTO). BRANCHL
* Branch out of page (long BRANCH). BUTTON
* Debounce and auto-repeat input on specified pin. CALL
* Call assembly language subroutine. CLEAR
* Zero all variables. CLEARWDT
* Clear (tickle) Watchdog Timer. COUNT
* Count number of pulses on a pin. DATA
* Define initial contents of on-chip EEPROM. DEBUG
* Asynchronous serial output to fixed pin and baud. DEBUGIN
* Asynchronous serial input from fixed pin and baud. DISABLE
* Disable ON DEBUG processing. DISABLE INTERRUPT
* Disable ON INTERRUPT processing. DTMFOUT
* Produce touch-tones on a pin. EEPROM
* Define initial contents of on-chip EEPROM. ENABLE
* Enable ON DEBUG processing. ENABLE INTERRUPT
* Enable ON INTERRUPT processing. END
* Stop execution and enter low power mode. ERASECODE
* Erase block of code memory FOR
* ..NEXT Repeatedly execute statements. FREQOUT
* Produce up to 2 frequencies on a pin. GOSUB
* Call BASIC subroutine at specified label. GOTO
* Continue execution at specified label. HIGH
* Make pin output high. HPWM
* Output hardware pulse width modulated pulse train. HSERIN
* Hardware asynchronous serial input. HSERIN2
* Hardware asynchronous serial input second port. HSEROUT
* Hardware asynchronous serial output. HSEROUT2
* Hardware asynchronous serial output second port. I2CREAD
* Read from I2C device. I2CWRITE
* Write to I2C device. IF..THEN..ELSE..ENDIF
* Conditionally execute statements. INPUT
* Make pin an input. LCDIN
* Read from LCD RAM. LCDOUT
* Display characters on LCD. {LET}
* Assign result of an expression to a variable. LOOKDOWN
* Search constant table for value. LOOKDOWN2
* Search constant / variable table for value. LOOKUP
* Fetch constant value from table. LOOKUP2
* Fetch constant / variable value from table. LOW
* Make pin output low. NAP
* Power down processor for short period of time. ON DEBUG
* Execute BASIC debug monitor. ON INTERRUPT
* Execute BASIC subroutine on an interrupt. OWIN
* One-wire input. OWOUT
* One-wire output. OUTPUT
* Make pin an output. PAUSE
* Delay (1mSec resolution). PAUSEUS
* Delay (1uSec resolution). PEEK
* Read byte from register. PEEKCODE
* Read byte from code space POKE
* Write byte to register. POKECODE Write byte to code space at device programming time
* POT Read potentiometer on specified pin.
* PULSIN Measure pulse width on a pin.
* PULSOUT Generate pulse to a pin.
* PWM Output pulse width modulated pulse train to pin.
* RANDOM Generate pseudo-random number.
* RCTIME Measure pulse width on a pin.
* READ Read byte from on-chip EEPROM.
* READCODE Read word from code memory.
* REPEAT..UNTIL Execute statements until condition is true.
* RESUME Continue execution after interrupt handling.
* RETURN Continue at statement following last GOSUB.
* REVERSE Make output pin an input or an input pin an output.
* SELECT CASE Compare a variable with different values.
* SERIN Asynchronous serial input (BS1 style).
* SERIN2 Asynchronous serial input (BS2 style).
* SEROUT Asynchronous serial output (BS1 style).
* SEROUT2 Asynchronous serial output (BS2 style).
* SHIFTIN Synchronous serial input.
* SHIFTOUT Synchronous serial output.
* SLEEP Power down processor for a period of time.
* SOUND Generate tone or white-noise on specified pin.
* STOP Stop program execution.
* SWAP Exchange the values of two variables.
* TOGGLE Make pin output and toggle state.
* USBIN USB input.
* USBINIT Initialize USB.
* USBOUT USB output.
* WHILE..WEND Execute statements while condition is true.
* WRITE Write byte to on-chip EEPROM.
* WRITECODE Write word to code memory.
* XIN X-10 input.
* XOUT X-10 output.

Math Functions / Operators: All math operations are unsigned and performed with 16-bit precision.

* + Addition
* - Subtraction
* * Multiplication
* ** Top 16 Bits of Multiplication
* */ Middle 16 Bits of Multiplication
* / Division
* // Remainder (Modulus)
* << Shift Left
* >> Shift Right
* ABS Absolute Value
* COS Cosine
* DCD 2n Decode
* DIG Digit
* DIV32 31-bit x 15-bit Divide
* MAX Maximum
* MIN Minimum
* NCD Encode
* REV Reverse Bits
* SIN Sine
* SQR Square Root
* & Bitwise AND
* | Bitwise OR
* ^ Bitwise Exclusive OR
* ~ Bitwise NOT
* &/ Bitwise NOT AND
* |/ Bitwise NOT OR
* ^/ Bitwise NOT Exclusive OR

Supported Devices :
Current PICmicro® MCU support (from MicroEngineering Labs Website):

10F202 10F206 10F222: Limited support.

12C508(A) 12C509(A) 12CE518 12CE519 12F508 12F509 12F510 12F519 12F609 12F615 12HV609 12HV615: Limited support.

12C671 12C672 12CE673 12CE674 12F629 12F635 12F675 12F683: Supported.

14000: Supported.

16C432 16C433: Supported.

16C505 16C54(AC) 16C55(A) 16C56(A) 16C57(C) 16C58(B) 16F505 16F506 16F54 16F57 16F59 16HV540: Limited support.

16C554 16C557 16C558 16C61 16C62(AB) 16C620(A) 16C621(A) 16C622(A) 16C63(A) 16C64(A) 16C642 16C65(AB) 16C66 16C662 16C67 16C71 16C710 16C711 16C712 16C715 16C716 16C717 16C72(A) 16C73(AB) 16C74(AB) 16C745 16C76 16C765 16C77 16C770 16C771 16C773 16C774 16C781 16C782 16C84 16C923 16C924 16C925 16C926 16CE623 16CE624 16CE625 16F610 16F616 16F627(A) 16F628(A) 16F630 16F631 16F636 16F639 16F648A 16F676 16F677 16F684 16F685 16F687 16F688 16F689 16F690 16F716 16F72 16F73 16F737 16F74 16F747 16F76 16F767 16F77 16F777 16F785 16F818 16F819 16F83 16F84(A) 16F87 16F870 16F871 16F872 16F873(A) 16F874(A) 16F876(A) 16F877(A) 16F88 16F882 16F883 16F884 16F886 16F887 16F913 16F914 16F916 16F917 16F946 16HV610 16HV616 16HV785: Supported.

17C42A 17C43 17C44 17C752 17C756(A) 17C762 17C766: Supported.

18C242 18C252 18C442 18C452 18C601 18C658 18C801 18C858 18F1220 18F1230 18F1231 18F1320 18F1330 18F1331 18F2220 18F2221 18F2320 18F2321 18F2331 18F2410 18F242 18F2420 18F2423 18F2431 18F2439 18F2450 18F2455 18F2458 18F248 18F2480 18F2510 18F2515 18F252 18F2520 18F2523 18F2525 18F2539 18F2550 18F2553 18F258 18F2580 18F2585 18F2610 18F2620 18F2680 18F2682 18F2685 18F4220 18F4221 18F4320 18F4321 18F4331 18F4410 18F442 18F4420 18F4423 18F4431 18F4439 18F4450 18F4455 18F4458 18F448 18F4480 18F4510 18F4515 18F452 18F4520 18F4523 18F4525 18F4539 18F4550 18F4553 18F458 18F4580 18F4585 18F4610 18F4620 18F4680 18F4682 18F4685 18F6310 18F6390 18F6410 18F6490 18F6520 18F6525 18F6527 18F6585 18F6620 18F6621 18F6622 18F6627 18F6680 18F6720 18F6722 18F8310 18F8390 18F8410 18F8490 18F8520 18F8525 18F8527 18F8585 18F8620 18F8621 18F8622 18F8627 18F8680 18F8720 18F8722: Supported.

18F24J10 18F25J10 18F44J10 18F45J10 18F63J11 18F63J90 18F64J11 18F64J90 18F65J10 18F65J11 18F65J15 18F65J50 18F65J90 18F66J10 18F66J15 18F66J50 18F66J55 18F66J60 18F66J65 18F67J10 18F67J50 18F67J60 18F83J11 18F83J90 18F84J11 18F84J90 18F85J10 18F85J11 18F85J15 18F85J50 18F85J90 18F86J10 18F86J15 18F86J50 18F86J55 18F86J60 18F86J65 18F87J10 18F87J50 18F87J60 18F96J60 18F96J65 18F97J60: Supported.

18F23K20 24K20 25K20 26K20 43K20 44K20 45K20 46K20: Supported.

PicStic1 PicStic2 PicStic3 PicStic4 PicStic1 2k PicStic2 2k PicStic3 2k PicStic4 2k PicStic5: Supported.

rfPIC12C509AF rfPIC12C509AG rfPIC12F675F rfPIC12F675H rfPIC12F675K: Supported (select 12C509A or 12F675)

From PicBasic Pro Software Revisions Text File:

PIC12F519 609 615 PIC12HV609 615 PIC16F526 610 882 PIC16HV610 PIC18F2458 2553 4458 and 4553
Low-voltage: PIC18F23K20 24K20 25K20 26K20 43K20 44K20 45K20 46K20 PIC18F65J50 66J50 66J55 67J50 85J50 86J50 86J55 and 87J50

16F616 631 677 883 884 886 887 PIC16HV616 785 PIC18F2423 2420 2450 2523 2682 2685 4423 4420 4450 4523 4682 and 4685

Low-voltage PIC18FJ devices: PIC18F24J10 25J10 44J10 45J10 63J11 63J90 64J11 64J90 65J10 65J11 65J15 65J90 66J10 66J15 66J60 66J65 67J10 67J60 83J11 83J90 84J11 84J90 85J10 85J11 85J15 85J90 86J10 86J15 86J60 86J65 87J10 87J60 96J60 96J65 and 97J60

PIC10F222 PIC12F510 PIC16F506 685 687 689 690 946 PIC18F1230 1231 1330 1331 2221 2321 4221 4321 6527 6622 8527 and 8622

PIC10F202 206 PIC12F635 PIC16F59 636 639 785 913 914 916 917 PIC18F2410 2420 2455 2480 2510 2520 2550 2580 4410 4420 4455 4480 4510 4520 4550 4580 6310 6390 6627 6722 8310 8390 8627 and 8722

Full speed USB PIC18F2455 2550 4455 and 4550

PIC12F508 509 683 PIC16F505 684 688 716 737 747 767 777 87 88 PIC18F2331 2431 2515 2525 2585 2610 2620 2680 4331 4431 4515 4525 4585 4610 4620 4680 6410 6490 8410 and 8490

PIC16F54 57 PIC18F2439 2539 4439 4539 6520 6525 6585 6621 6680 8520 8525 8585 8621 and 8680

PIC16C557 16F627A 628A 630 648A 676 818 819 PIC18F1220 1320 2220 2320 4220 and 4320

PIC12F629 675 PIC16F873A 874A 876A and 877A

PIC16F72 PIC18F6620 6720 8620 8720 and PicStic5

PIC16C432 433 745 765 781 782 925 926 PIC18C601 801 PIC18F242 248 252 258 442 448 452 and 458

PIC12C508 509 PIC12CE518 519 PIC16C505 54 55 56 57 58 and PIC16HV540: Limited support*

PIC16F73 74 76 77 18C658 858 and PicStic 2K

PIC16F870 and 871

PIC18C242 18C252 18C442 18C452 and 14-bit core PIC16C717 770 771 and PIC16F872

PIC16C712 716 PIC16F627 and 628

PIC17C42A 17C43 17C44 17C752 17C756 17C762 and 17C766

*Because of the resource constraints imposed by these devices some features and/or instruction may not be available.

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